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Our Cooperative

By the decade of the 1930s, most urban areas of the United States, Texas included, had enjoyed electric service for 50 years, but beyond the city limits, there was darkness. It was simply not profitable for private power companies to provide service to sparsely populated rural areas, which meant that farm and ranch wives were still cooking on wood stoves, children were doing homework by the dim light of coal-oil lamps and family members were pumping water by hand, just as they had done for centuries.

Farmers and ranchers decided that if they were going to get the power they needed, they would have to take action themselves. They organized local cooperatives to provide local, consumer-owned electric service. The impact on rural quality of life was electrifying, to be sure; it was even greater than anyone had dreamed.

Electric cooperatives are different from other power providers. As cooperatives, they are tax-paying, non-profit businesses owned by the consumers they serve. Voluntary organizations, open to all persons who are able to use their services, they also are democratic; their members actively participate in setting policy and making decisions.

Co-op directors are elected by member-consumers. The directors set policies to guide the manager who operates the system with a staff of local employees. As member-owned utilities the distribution systems are self-regulating.

In addition to providing at-cost electric service and other products and services to their member-consumers, electric co-cops adhere to a proud tradition of community service. Members and employees participate in economic development efforts, volunteer and charitable undertakings and numerous other activities that benefit the communities that co-ops serve.

In 1985 Robertson Electric and Limestone County Electric combined forces to form Navasota Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc. Our main goal has always been to provide reliable, affordable power to rural homes and businesses in Central Texas. With the combined workforce, our commitment remains to provide better service and reasonable rates to our member-owners.

We are a non-profit organization and governed locally by a Board of Directors who are members of the Cooperative and whom are elected by its members. Headquartered in Franklin, Texas, NVEC is an electric distribution cooperative providing service to more than 18,000 meters over parts of nine counties.


Total number of employees 57
Year NVEC was organized 1941
Counties served Robertson, Leon, Freestone, Limestone, Brazos, Falls, Madison, Hill, McLennan
Miles of energized line 5,556 Including 0 Miles of Transmission Line and 126 Miles of Underground Line
Connected meters 18, 432
Number of members 12,964
Average meters per mile of line 3.26
Average kWh per meter per month Domestic 1044
Wholesale power supplier Brazos Electric Power Cooperative



At Navasota Valley Electric Cooperative, our mission is to provide safe, reliable, competitively priced electric and related services to our member/consumers.

Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and enhance the quality of life through our high standard of performance, dedication and integrity. Being located in rural Central Texas we are committed to protect and to preserve the environment.

Our member/consumers and employees are Navasota Valley Electric Cooperative's most valued assets.

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